• 1st International Conference on Biodynamic Research. Evolving Agriculture and Food. Opening up Biodynamic Research

Biodynamic research is carried out in every agriculture field and in many places around the world. It makes use of a broad range of methods and links to various other research areas such as agroecology. The 1st International Conference on Biodynamic Research, 5 – 8 September 2018, adopted an inter- and transdisciplinary approach and brought together both academic research and farmers’ expertise in order to explore and discuss the pressing issues in biodynamic food and farming systems. These issues were addressed both from traditional scientific and innovative methodological perspectives....

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  • DOK-Trial: The world’s most significant long-term field trial comparing organic and conventional cropping systems

Since 1978, biodynamic (D), organic (O) and conventional (K for German: "konventionell") production of arable crops such as wheat, potatoes, maize, soya and grass-clover leys has been compared at the same site in a practice-oriented trial design. In addition there is a stockless, non-organic variant receiving mineral fertilizer only (M). At the outset of the trial the aim was to clarify whether organic arable farming is feasible at all given natural pressures from weeds, pests and diseases and whether it would produce sufficient yields. The results showed that good, high-quality yields can indeed be achieved...

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  • Estabilidad de compostas estáticas biodinámicas a partir de restos de cultivos regionales

La elaboración de compostas a partir de residuos agrícolas permite generar una alternativa en la producción de abonos orgánicos. Tradicionalmente el volteo constante, hace oneroso este sistema, por lo que la producción de compostas estáticas asociadas a la aplicación de preparados biodinámicos (PB), promueve el desarrollo de alternativas sustentables. El objetivo del presente trabajo fue evaluar la inclusión de PB (base fundamental de la agricultura biodinámica) en compostas estáticas de restos de nopal y moringa como sustratos principales...

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  • Effects of Biodynamic Preparations on Compost Development

Biodynamic (BD) agriculture is an organic farming system that relies heavily on compost as a fertilizer. Six herbal preparations are added to composting materials in order to make BD compost. Proponents claim these additions produce higher quality compost under farm conditions. In this study, BD compost preparations were applied to 3.5 t compost piles made of dairy manure and woodshaving bedding. Application of the BD preparations also requires 6 1 soil and 8 1 water; therefore control piles received the same additions of soil and water as BD compost piles, but no BD preparations...

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  • The Valerian Preparation: Correlating Sensory Experience and Physicochemical Properties

In recent years, an annual conference has been convened to discuss the future of the biodynamic preparations
in North America. The focus of the February 2009 meeting in Grass Valley, California, was the valerian preparation, which is made by aging juice pressed from the flowers of Valeriana officinalis. This liquid is diluted
and then sprayed on manure and compost. According to Steiner (1993), who originally suggested the idea, when “diluted valerian juice is applied to the manure [or compost] in a very fine manner, it will stimulate the manure [or compost] to relate in the right way to the substance we call phosphorus"...

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  • Characterization of Conventional, Biodynamic, and Organic Purple Grape Juices by Chemical Markers, Antioxidant Capacity, and Instrumental Taste Profile

The objectives of this study were to characterize organic, biodynamic, and conventional purple grape juices (n=31) produced in Europe based on instrumental taste profile, antioxidant activity, and some chemical markers and to propose a multivariate statistical model to analyze their quality and try to classify the samples from the 3 different crop systems...

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